Name of Class:          Wetland Shrub Identification

Dates:                         August 12-13, 2021

Location:                   Eddy Discovery Center, Chelsea, Michigan

Time(s):                     8:00am to 5:00pm

Instructors:               Tony Reznicek, Ph.D.                                   

Cost:                           $200 (MWA members), $250 (non-members)

Accommodations:     Attendees are responsible for their own meals and accommodations; packing a lunch each day is recommended

Course Materials:     Attendees should bring a write-in-the-rain notebook, hand lens, writing utensil and shrub ID book (Michigan Shrubs and Vines is recommended, but not required)


Class Description: Two (2) day field class covering native and non-native wetland and upland shrub species found within wetland and transitional habitats.  Participants will learn primarily through in-depth field instruction and some review of collected specimens how to identify native and non-native shrubs by a variety of characteristics including leaves, flowers, buds and twigs.  The class will visit field sites in the Waterloo-Pinckney area, including at least one successional/disturbed area to identify disturbed ground and lower quality site species.

Instructor Bio:  Tony Reznicek, Ph.D. – Dr. Reznicek is a research scientist and curator of vascular plants at the University of Michigan Herbarium in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  His major research interest is the systematics and evolution of sedges (Cyperaceae), especially the large and complex genus Carex. In his research, he emphasizes a multi-level approach concentrating on several aspects, including development of new characters useful in systematics, monographic studies of major groups, and processes and patterns of evolution. He also conducts research on the biogeography of the northeastern North American flora, concentrating on the Great Lakes region, and primarily focusing on plant migration and colonization, the origin and persistence of relict plant species and communities, and the biogeography and conservation of rare species.  Dr. Reznicek has a broad knowledge of Michigan plants, and was instrumental in updating and consolidating Voss’s three volume Michigan Flora, with the publication of the Field Manual of Michigan Flora in 2012.  Dr. Reznicek has instructed many training courses in the past for MWA, including classes on shrubs, grasses, sedges, asters, goldenrods and others.

Class Cancellation Notification:  Five (5) days prior to the start of class, participants will be notified of a cancellation.  The MWA Treasurer will refund 100% of the fee received to participants.

Cancellation Policy for Attendees:

  • Any attendee can transfer, at any time, their spot in the class to another person with no financial penalty
  • Cancellation prior to 14 days of the class is eligible for 100% refund of class fees
  • Cancellation from 1-13 days of the class is eligible for 50% refund of class fees
  • Cancellation within less than 1 day of start of the class (including during the class) is not eligible for any refund (0%), however the spot may be transferred to another person.

COVID-19 Policy for Attendees:

MWA is offering this class in-person and expects that all attendees be respectful of others and act responsibly with regards to COVID-19, following current state guidance and not attending the class if feeling ill or if you have been in contact with others who have or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.  All may choose to do so, but those not fully vaccinated will be expected to wear masks and social distance whenever practicable during the class.



This event is fully booked.